Organizations that produce large or multiple training events face similar logistical challenges. Each event demands careful coordination of people, resources, and information to assure that all details are properly addressed in a timely manner – that participants are delighted with their experience, and that lifetime customer value is optimized.

Traditionally, organizations assign dedicated support staff - seminar coordinators or event managers - to manually log participant information communicated by fax, email, or telephone into desktop databases for record keeping, event support, and reporting purposes.

Such a labor-intensive approach is not only slow and expensive, but falls woefully short when it comes to integration, CRM capability, and round-the-clock availability.


The widespread availability of convenient Internet access by businesses, mobile workers, and households offers progressive organizations unparalleled opportunities to vigorously promote learning events and simultaneously capture participant registrations with a few mouse clicks. The Info-Event™Learning Management System will completely automate your course registration and data management processes. Liberate your staff so they can spend their valuable hours delivering customer delight instead of massaging reams of tedious data.

Simplify Your Life; Automate!

Info-Event is a hosted training and event management solution. We have deep experience working with large and small companies alike, and understand that every organization has unique functional needs. Info-Event automates tedious and time-consuming tasks like secure credit card transactions (deposited directly into your merchant account), training vouchers, time-limited discounts, roster management, wait listing, email confirmations, event reminders, and post-event surveys. Info-Event even delists your event from visibility on your schedule once the start date has passed.

Database-Driven, Easy to Integrate

And while Info-Event is a champ at visual presentation of your scheduled events over the Web or your intranet, there’s far more. Info-Event tracks data via a Web-integrated MS Access or MS SQL database. This means you can easily maintain detailed enrollment histories. Info-Event’s built-in, database-driven email capabilities make emarketing a snap. Promote, cross-sell, and upsell participants by emailing any part of your schedule to efficiently accelerate capture ratios.


Secure Administration and Management

Info-Event’s password-protected administrative console lets you easily add and post instructors, event categories, pictures, and detailed course information through simple ‘click and type’ forms so they are immediately visible to your customers. And most importantly, Info-Event offers extremely powerful database searching, exporting, and reporting functions to help you manage enrollments and forecast expected revenues from your events in real time.

Field-Proven by America’s Largest Companies

Info-Event has been embraced and is currently being used by some of America’s most notable Fortune 500 companies. Organizations like Intel, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, and Verizon Communications to name a few. In spite of its successful track record, the Info-Event Learning Management System is available to you today and is surprisingly affordable.

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